The Llano Office Building, Ft. Worth (Historic Restoration, 20,000 sq. ft.) --- Arch.,Constr. Mgr.
Deerbrook Office Building, Austin (4 story, 40,000 sq ft.) --- Arch., Constr. Admin.
The Cody Office Building, Ft. Worth (Historic Restoration, 20,000 sq. ft.) --- Arch., Constr. Mgr.
Haltom Oil Office & Warehouse, Waco, Tx. --- Arch., Gen. Contractor
Gebhardt Building, Hillsboro, Tx. (Historic Restoration) --- Architect
Hillsboro Sports Center (Historic Restoration) --- Architect
Office Building for Sam Moses, Waco, Tx. (8000 sq. ft., 2 story) --- Architect
Genco Credit Union, Waco, Tx. --- Architect
Manske Roll Plant & Offices, Hewitt, Tx. --- Architect, Interior
Metzgar Caspar Office Building, Waco, Tx. --- Architect
Project Lighting Offices, Dallas --- Architect, Interior
Southwest Business Park for Trammel Crow Co., Austin --- Architect, Interiors
IBM at Braker Center --- Architect, Interiors
Addition to the First National Bank, Fairfield, Tx. --- Sub-Foundation, Wall/ Panels, Steel Erection
Commerce Industrial Park, Tyler, Tx. --- Constr. Estimating
Summit Building, Ft. Worth, Tx. --- Arch., Constr. Mgr.
Budget Sign Corp. Offices & Training Center, Dallas, Tx. --- Arch., Gen. Contractor
Aruba Tan on Rio Grande, Austin, Texas --- Architect
Alamo Quarters Redevelopment, 50k sf, Downtown San Antonio, Texas --- Architect, Constr. Mgr
6200 Maple, Dallas, TX (16,465 sq. ft.) Office Building for Texas Cellular --- Architect
Alterations to S.F. Austin Hotel - Austin, TX Architect
Vickmay Skin & Body Spa, Austin, TX - Architect


Connally I.S.D. - Additions to Elem., Jr.High, High School & Admin. Bldg. --- Architect
Bent Tree Clubhouse & Pool Area, Waco, Tx. --- Arch., Gen. Contractor
Fire Station Annex for the City of Hubbard --- Arch., Gen. Contractor
Elevator & Alterations to the First Baptist Church, Hubbard, Tx. --- Gen. Contractor
Renovation of Head Start Center for Cause, Inc., Hubbard, Tx. --- Gen. Contractor
Hill Country Jail, Statement of Historic Significance, Hillsboro, Tx. --- Architect
Hospital Gatehouse at Carswell AFB, Ft. Worth, Tx. --- Estimator, Const. Mgr.
Cafeteria for Malone I.S.D., Malone, Tx. --- Architect
Alterations to Royal Lane Post Office, Dallas, Tx. --- Construction Managera
Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity House Renovation, Ausitn, TX --- Architect, Construction Manager


Newman, Lance, Mathis Professional Bldg, Waco, Tx. (Dental Offices) --- Architect
Austin Pediatrics --- Architect, Interior
Hillcrest Baptist Medical Center-Code Compliance Study, Waco, Tx. --- Architectural Appr.
Lakeridge Professional Center-Dental Offices, Waco, Tx. --- Architectural Appr.
Medical Clinic for Dr. James J. Naples, Texarkana, Tx. --- Arch., Constr. Mgr.
Medical Clinic for Drs. Patel, Texarkana, Tx. --- Arch., Constr. Mgr.
Addition to Clinic at 14th & Pine, Texarkana, Tx. --- Architect
Medical Clinic for Dr Bary, Austin, Texas --- Architect
Medical Clinic for Dr. Dirdre Rohad, Austin, Texas - Architect
Clinic for Dr. Madam Rae, Bee Cave, Texas - Architect
Clinic for Dr. Mary Beth Eastwood, Austin, Texas - Architect


Canterbury House for St. Paul's Episcopal, Waco, Tx. --- Architect
First Baptist Church, Splendora, Tx. (13,000 sq.ft. Educational Bldg.) --- Architect
Various Projects with LLSams & Sons, Waco, Tx. --- Architectural Appr.
Remodeling for Crestview Baptist Chruch, Austin, Texas - Architect


Elk Mountain Lodge-Steamboat Springs, Co. (6600 sq.ft Log Structure) --- Constr. Manager
Lone Star Tavern Steakhouse, Temple, Tx. --- Arch., Gen. Contractor
Lone Star's Beef & Spaghetti House, Waco, Tx. --- Arch., Gen. Contractor
Brit's Oyster Bar, Waco, Tx. --- General Contractor
Rodeo Exchange, Ft. Worth, Tx. --- Architect, Interior
El Conquistador Restaurant, Dallas, Tx. --- Architect
Cowtown Oyster Bar Restaurant, Ft. Worth, Tx. --- Architect
Stockyard's Firehouse Restaurant, Ft. Worth, Tx. --- Arch., Sub-Contr.
Hog's Breath Cafe, Addison, Tx. --- Architect
West Side Stories-Entertainment Complex (50,000 sq.ft., 4 clubs, concert hall) --- Architect
Pat O'Brien's Bar & Restaurant, San Antonio, Tx --- Construction Manager
SIX Lounge, Warehouse District, Austin, Tx --- Construction Manager
Junior's Grille & Icehouse, Austin, Texas --- -Architect
Restaurant Jezebel on Congress Avenue, Austin, Tx --- Architect
Austin Java City Hall Café, Austin, Texas --- Construction Mgr
Alamo Quarters Banquet Facility, San Antonio, Texas --- Architect, Construction Manager
Trudy's Four Star Restaurant, Dripping Springs, Texas - Architect


Royal Inn Motels, Waco & Dallas, Tx. --- Architect
Jamestown Shopping Center, Waco, Tx. --- Architect
Shell Convenience Stores, Waco, Tx. --- Arch., Gen. Contractor
Fastime Convenience Store, Waco, Tx. --- Gen. Contractor
Quik Pak Convenience Store, Waco, Tx. --- Gen. Contractor
Vogue Cleaners, Waco, Tx. --- Arch., Gen. Contractor
Westview Discount Tire, Waco, Tx. --- Architect
Gold's Gym, Robinson, Tx. --- Architect, Interior
Waco Plasma Donor Center, Waco, Tx. --- Architect
Riggings-Ltd., Men's Store, Waco, Tx. --- Architect
Gingerbread Square Shopping Center, Waco, Tx. --- Arch., Gen. Contractor
Anderson Exchange Shopping Center, Austin, Tx. --- Constr. Administration
American Speedy Printing Centers, various in Dallas & Ft. Worth --- Architect, Interiors
Homefront, Waco, Tx. --- Architect, Interior
Global Auto, Austin, Texas ---Architect


HUD New Construction Inspections, Hubbard, Hamilton & Hico, Tx. --- Inspecting Architect
Village Condominiums, Waco, Tx. --- Site work Sub-Contr.
First Edition Condominiums, Waco, Tx. (60 Units) --- Arch., Gen. Contractor
Ivy Place Apartments, Waco, Tx. --- Arch., Devel.,Gen. Cont.
Aspenwood Apartments, Texarkana, Tx. (78 Units) --- Architect
Boardwalk Condominiums, Waco, Tx (42 Units, 3 story) --- Arch., Gen. Contractor
Cloisters townhomes, Bryan, Tx. (19 Units) --- Arch., Infrastructure/Contractor
Bent Tree Place Condominiums, Waco, Tx. --- Arch., Gen. Contractor
Bachus Duplexes, Waco, Tx. --- Architect
Lacy Landing Apartments, Waco, Tx. --- Inspector for Bank
Jamestown condominiums, Waco, Tx. (120 Units, 3 story) --- Architect
Three Gables Apartments, Waco, Tx. --- Arch., Gen. Contractor
Pecan Tree Apartments, Waco, Tx. --- Arch., Devel.,Gen.Contr.
Ivy Place Condominiums, Waco, Tx. --- Arch., Devel.Gen.Contr.
500 S. Third, Austin, Texas ---Architect


Bent Tree PUD, Woodway, Tx. (21 zero lot-line lots) --- Planner, Architect
Lincoln Park Plaza, Waco (Shopping & Office Development) --- Planner
Edgewater Condominiums, Waco, Tx. (40 Units, 7 story) --- Planner, Architect
Oregon Historic District, Dayton, Ohio (Streetscape & Restorations) --- Architect
Westchester Estates, Buckingham Place, Hewitt, Tx. (30 lots) --- Developer
Development Guidelines for River Place, Austin, Tx. --- Architect
Design Guidelines for Travis Meadow Developm't, Fredericksburg, Tx --- Architect
Global Auto Development, Austin, Tx - Architect and Construction Manager